Hey awesome people, we know that everyone of us loves good food and enjoys having the perfect dinner with the perfect people at the perfect place! So we have something new for you, something different you have never experienced and probably you will never experience!
It is called Dinner in the Dark and is dedicated to all blind people, all people who have to face the beauties around then without seeing them, all people fighting for their goals and struggling with all the difficulties without being able to see who is on their side and who not.
This great event will take place in the amazing international restaurant "Talents", known with its unique atmosphere, high class service and sophisticated meal, prepared by cooks from all over the world. Many of them come directly from the Culinary Academy in Sofia and believe they make magic!
The dinner will be organised in the following way: the lights will be turned off, there will be candles burning for the service to do its job and weather clients, will be with bands on our eyes. The mission we have is to see how blind people feel, how hard it can be, if we can rely enough on our sensities besides using our eyes. Are we capable to trust our ability to smell the food and understand what we are actually eating, can we coordinate our moves, can we use properly forks without seeing where it is exactly on the table?
This is a great challenge for all of us and let's do it together, let's win and show to ourselves how strong we are! We are waiting for you to join us in this great adventure this Saturday! Here you can check how luxury the restaurant is: http://restauranttalents.bg/
And because we have to tell the chef how many menus he has to prepare, please all the people coming, have to sign up in the table below! The menu will be between 20 and 25 leva, but you will have the pleasure to taste  four step menu - three kinds of soup, three vegetarian meals, three meals with meat and three different deserts. It's worth 100%, so don't hesitate and sign up for this unusual evening!
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21/11/2015 - 00:00
20:00 o'clock
Restaurant "Talents"
20 - 25 leva
What's included: 
  • 4 step menu - three kinds of soup, three vegetarian meals, three meals with meat and three different deserts