Unfortunately everything has its end...so does your Erasmus experience. 

As you are leaving soon we would like to say Goodbye and gather all for one last time.

We decided not to make another Goodbye party or something too complicated but just to gather in the summer garden of American saloon for a beer and sweet talks. 

Let's talk about the good things that happened during the last few months, let's talk about what you will remember, about the trips, the parties and all the good memories you will keep from your Erasmus chapter in Sofia. 

We will wait for you at 20:00 at American saloon (the one next to Hristo Botev hall)! 

See you there :)

06/06/2016 - 00:00
20:00 o'clock
American saloon (the one next to Hristo Botev hall)
  • Everyone is invited.