As probably all of you know our balkan buddies - Serbia, Croatia and Bosna and Herzegovina were hit by floods bigger than any other in their history.As a result many people are left homeless, without reach of drinkable water or lets say it straight - the situation is awful.These are neighbors in need!

Lets show our solidarity and help! 

We are meeting on Friday at 12:00pm in front of Sofia University.

If you want to help just buy or get some cans of food, diapers, batteries, old warm clothes, blankets.. etc. If you have anything that is no more necessary to you and you won't take it back home when you leave Bulgaria (and you think it will be in help) you can bring it.

From there we all together will go to the Embassy of Serbia where we will donate our help!

You can find more information about the initiative on

30/05/2014 - 00:00