We would like to invite you on our last trip of the year: a trip to the magical Trigrad region in the Rhodopi mountain - one of the most beautiful sceneries in Bulgaria where it is believed that Orpheus was playing his flute.
The Rhodopi mountain is the widest mountain range in Bulgaria. As a stunning mixture of hills, lakes, caves, thermal mineral waters and rare species it has a unique nature and atmosphere. In its heart the small village of Trigrad is located and still keeping alive the traditional customs and celebrations.


Friday, 20.05
08:30 – departure from Sofia
13:00 – Assenovgrad fortress
14:30 – Bachkovo monastery
16:30 - Wonderful Bridges rocks
19:30 – arrival in Trigrad hostel (rooms are for 3-4 people)

Saturday, 21.05
10:00 – we have to get up … somehow
11:00-19:00 - Mountain Hiking to Chaira lakes area high in the mountain surrounded by all the beauties of the Rhodopi nature or the the “Eagle’s eye” – Saint Ilia peak with the highest point of the Buynovsko gorge – also mountain jeep extreme driving possible.
Possibility to prepare a lamb on a fire next to our hostel (special Bulgarian dish - a traditional Rhodopi recipe).
21:00h- Open air music night

Sunday, 22.05
Time to become EXTREME! Options:
10:00 –climbing in the Haramiiska hole (a unqiue experience and real adventure) and walk on the Iron way /30 leva extra payment per person/
Possibility for rafting-like in the Devil’s river /5 leva extra payment / - underwater cave
Possibility for horse-riding /15 leva extra payment/
Offroad Mountain 4x4 driving – 10lv in group of 8 people (in the mountain)
Possibility to climb the Iron way of the Trigrad gorge by ropes – 15 lv!
Possibility to jump on the Tarzan rope over the river – 2 lv!
Possibility to go to the museum of the Bears – 2 lv!
21:00- Party around the Fire

Monday, 23.05
10:00 – time to get up!!
11:00 –Visit of the Devil’s Gorge cave – better the previous days
13:00 – Visit of Yagodina Cave (one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria)
16:30 – Visit of Anton Ivanovtzi lake
18:00 – arrival in Plovdiv and 19:30h in Sofia

Places are limited to 50 only! So hurry up!
Deadline for registration and payment: 10 of May
Contact person: Horhe: horhe@abv.bg +359 887 290 538

20/05/2016 to 23/05/2016
110 leva with ESN card / 115 leva without it
What's included: 
  • bus 3*
  • hotel 3 nights (2*)
  • travel insurance
  • The price does not include: museum taxes (around 10 lv); extreme cave sports & rafting (30-40 lv); food;
  • An ESNcard of this section required.
  • Everyone is invited.