Hello Dear Erasmus Students and Welcome to Bulgaria!
You have just started the best year in your life, proven by more than 2 000 000 erasmus students in Europe.
Be prepared for sleepless nights, a lot of intercultural communication and changing your world views for good!

ESN Sofia can't let this new Erasmus adventure happen without proper celebration!
So, please bring your smiles, good mood and all remarkable crazy ideas and be ready for our "Be famous" Welcome party!

When: Friday (October 03, 2014)@22:30h
Where: Tiki Bar, Sofia, Studentski grad, between block 11 and 12. You can check the map HERE.
Entrance: free for people with ESN card*/ 2 leva without ESN Card

*You can take your ESN card on place (price is 20 leva) for many discounts for trips with ESN, clubs, language courses & others.

For the person who have met the most people and new friends this night, we have a special surprise! :)


With love,

03/10/2014 - 00:00