Exchange students may apply for accommodation in the university’s dormitories. 
All rooms at the dormitories are shared, so students will have one or two other roommates.
Students pay in advance the rent for the entire period of their stay. In addition, students pay a security deposit. The "security deposit" authoriza-tion shall be cancelled after inspection and determi-nation by the dormitories’ officers that no damage, loss or injury (other than from reasonable wear and tear) has been done to the premises or property therein.


Student Canteens and Dormitories Division of UNWE has at its disposal and manage twelve studentdormitories and two student canteens for having a meal. Dormitories and canteens are situated in Students Town near the UNWE.

- The address of Canteen №33 is: №1 Atanas Mantchev Str., tel.: +359 2 862 94 10. There are two separate halls with 240 seats for having a meal as it is offered lunch and supper.

-  The address of Canteen №39 is: Students Town, block 53B, tel.: +359 2 92 84 28. There are 50 seats for having a meal and a garden with 30 seats opened during the warm months of the year.

At the student canteens of UNWE are prepared cooked vegetarian and meat dishes.

Address of block 23A: Room (for example 3A, block 23A, str. 8-mi dekemvri, Studentski grad, Sofia 1700, Bulgaria
Address of block 38: Room (for example 219), block 38, str. Atanas Manchev, Studentski grad, Sofia 1700, Bulgaria

The office hours at our dormitories are:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 – 16.30
Lunch break: 11:45-12:45