Hi everyone!

My name is Mario Alfonso Milián and I’m from Spain.

What I can say about my experience in Sofia... I chose Sofia mainly because I thought it could be a good personal experience. Bulgaria is quite different in food, culture, religion, and life-style from my country.

But the main reason why I chose Sofia was University of National and World Economy. It has the reputation of providing good studying opportunities and I was fully supported by my Spanish University.

On the other hand Erasmus gave me the possibility to travel and discover so many countries that usually are quite difficult to get to from Spain. During those 9 months we made Erasmus trips to many of the Balkan Countries as well as Turkey, Israel, United Emirates, Romania, Poland, Sweden, and Baltic Countries.

So my advice for everyone is, if you’re given the opportunity to spend one semester or even one year abroad do not hesitate - just do it!



This column shares the stories of Erasmus students at University of National and World Economy. It shows the reason why they choose Bulgaria for their mobility, their impressions and advises. Send us your story at esn.unwe@gmail.com and we will share it! #myERASMUStory#ESNunwe

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