It was a remarkable year for us – full of unforgettable moments, great people, struggles, changes and fruitful work. We have dedicated much of our time for a cause which we consider as an important part of our lives and our personal growth. We have achieved a lot, we put high aims and we conquered them.

We would like to express our gratitude to all people who have contributed to ESN UNWE success – our wonderful members, the students who have chosen the University of National and World Economy as their Erasmus destination and last but not least the UNWE Erasmus office which supported us and helped us a lot.

We are glad for having the opportunity to meet all of the Erasmus students who shared this year with us and were part of the UNWE Erasmus story. We really hope that you will keep great memories from Bulgaria and you will tell more people how amazing it is to be here.

It was a great pleasure to work with our dedicated members who supported us and were part of our team.

Nothing of this would have happened without all of you. We are extremely happy that we were part of this and we believe that our successors will continue our good wave in the development of ESN UNWE.

From today (1st of September) we are officially not part of ESN UNWE Board but we will always keep the amazing memories from this experience – our ESN UNWE Board chapter!

Thank you!

Galina Kostova
Nasya Handziyska
Mariya Kalinova
Kiril Lazarov

ESN UNWE BOARD 2015/2016