I am Valérian and I am French. I was preparing for the Master in Hospitality when I decided to go to discover The Balkans.

I didn ́t know almost anything about Bulgaria. For me it was a country at the end of Europe which uses Cyrillic.

And I am Eva and I am from Czech Republic. I have studied Economics and management at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

I decided to spend one semester abroad to improve my English and to get to know how living abroad would be.

We both have chosen University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our Erasmus mobility started in September 2012.

Soon we realized that it has been the best decision in our lives ;). And so there we were – in Sofia...with a group of strangers who became friends and Erasmus family at the end.

1) We studied.
2) We had always reason to celebrate.
3) We got new friends.
4) We traveled a lot.

Our concept of Bulgaria changed a lot. It is a country full of opportunities, it has sea, mountains, great history, beautiful traditions and welcoming people.

And suddenly it was the end of the summer semester and time to say goodbye.

We were sad and happy at the same time - happy to know that we had amazing time together and sad that it was over so soon.

But we were wrong, it was not the end..... We are still the same Erasmus family, still in contact with each other and every time we meet, it feels like our Erasmus experience finished just yesterday (even if it’s been already more than three years).

Oh! We forgot to mention the fact why we decided to write this together.

Our relationship started in Bulgaria and our love still goes on:)

Thank you Bulgaria!

PS: If you are not sure where to spend your Erasmus, we have good advice for you.

Don´t worry! Your Erasmus will be great, doesn´t matter where you go…but we would highly recommend you Bulgaria and UNWE :)


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